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Jakarta EE (Java EE)

Compact Java EE 7 Course

Application development based on Java EE

5 Tage

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Java EE overview

  • Architecture model with clean layer separation
  • Application components and formats
  • Specification parts, profiles
  • Java EE platforms, application servers

Java Persistence (JPA 2.1)

  • O/R mapper and persistence provider requirements
  • Persistence unit configuration, entity manager
  • Mapping annotations, entity life cycle
  • Entity relations, eager and lazy loading
  • Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)

Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI 1.1)

  • CDI Beans, application composition
  • Dependency injection, container controlled lifecycle
  • Producer and disposer
  • Scopes and contexts
  • Interceptors and decorators, transaction control

JavaServer Faces (JSF 2.2)

  • Web application, Model View Controller concept
  • Managed Beans, JSF Expression Language
  • Method and value binding
  • Navigation
  • Conversion and validation

Bean Validation (BV 1.1)

  • Attribute and method constraints
  • Object inspection, integration with JPA, CDI and JSF

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB 3.2)

  • Session Beans, Singletons and Message Driven Beans
  • Transaction control

RESTful Webservices (JAX-RS 2.0)

  • REST applikations and ressources


Wrongfully, Java EE has a reputation for being complex and difficult. Instead, platform Versions 6 and 7 represent a sometimes surprisingly simple and yet powerful environment for enterprise applications. In our compact Java EE 7 Course you will acquire the necessary skills in a hands-on practical environment, learning to implement server-side logic with Java Persistence, CDI and Enterprise JavaBeans. You will learn to use Java Server Faces (JSF) for web applications and JAX-RS for RESTful web services. If time allows, additional topics like Websockets or Java Batch can be covered as well.


As a compact introduction to server-side applications with Java EE, this course is designed for software developers, project managers and architects.

A working knowledge of Java is recommended.

Company Training: In your rooms all over europa!

You can also book this Java-EE-course as individual corporate company training. You will define the main content, the expression and the time. We will adhere to your company's goals and objectives. We love to come to your premises in whole Europe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Your contact person:
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Course materials

Each participant will receive comprehensive course materials in English. These materials serve as ideal reference materials and contain much additional information.