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Spring Boot Course

Spring Boot <-> Spring - Who does what?

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  • This Spring Boot course can be booked as an individual company training course.
  • Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Course content Spring Boot

Spring Basics

  • Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control
  • Spring Beans
  • Explicit / dynamic creation of Beans
  • Autowiring / Component Scan
  • Bean Scopes


  • Internal configuration / profiles
  • @Configuration
  • Spring Boot Auto configuration
  • Conditional configuration
  • Project structure of a Spring Boot application
  • External configuration / configuration files
  • Troubleshooting dependency resolution problems
  • Spring Boot starters
  • Testing Beans

Spring MVC

  • Implementing a simple REST API
  • @Controller / @RestController
  • Implementing GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  • Request parameters & path variables
  • Parsing/Serializing JSON for RESTful APIs
  • Integration tests with JUnit
  • Configuration of Spring MVC and the underlying web server
  • Using templates for HTML generation
  • Static resources
  • Error handling

Spring Data JPA

  • Java persistence technologies and their relationship
  • Spring Data JPA and its advantages
  • Entities with JPA
  • Persistence with plain JPA (EntityManager, Criteria Queries, ...)
  • Persistence configuration
  • Spring Data JPA Repositories
  • Complex Queries using Repositories
  • Modelling Relations
  • Persistence with JDBCTemplate
  • Validation using JSR 303 Bean Validation
  • Built-in & custom validations
  • Transaction management
  • Database initialization (Seeds)
  • Seeds and migrations using flyway

Reactive Spring

  • Short introduction of non-blocking IO & reactive programming
  • Project Reactor as the underlying technology of Reactive Spring
  • Spring WebFlux && Spring WebFlux.fn
  • Spring WebClient

Spring Boot Actuators

  • Info
  • Health
  • Metrics

Course Overview Spring Boot

  • Overview of Spring Boot & plain Spring ecosystem and their relationship
  • Spring Boot best practices & caveats
  • Learn the tools for writing production-grade Spring Boot apps


This Spring Boot course starts with the Spring Basics of Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control before introducing Spring Boot and how both are related.

A Spring Boot REST API will be developed throughout the course, demonstrating state-of-the-art Spring Boot features and their integration step by step.

Who should take part

Java/Kotlin developers and architects looking for a concise yet in-depth introduction to Spring Boot.

Spring Boot Company Training

This Spring Boot course exists
as individual online
company training.

Feel free to contact me or
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