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Refactoring course

How to write code: maintainable, readable and understandable

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  • This refactoring course can be booked as an individual company training course.
  • Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Course content Refactoring

  • Principles and concepts of Refactoring

    • What is refactoring?
    • When should we do it?
    • The “Bad Smells” in code.
    • How do we refactor?
    • When do we stop?
    • Could we organise our development better?
    • Our path to Clean Code.

  • A few of the most important Design Patterns

  • Testing and Refactoring

    • Why is testing crucial?
    • How do we test?

  • Martin Fowler’s catalogue of Refactorings

    • Dividing up methods
    • Moving behavior and data between classes
    • Improved class structure
    • Simplifying complex expressions
    • Simplifying method calls

  • Object Oriented principles

    • We collect them as they become visible during our exercises
    • We discuss them
    • Refactoring tools in your IDE
    • We can use any or all of these: intelliJ, Eclipse, Visual Studio (with or without
      ReSharper) so that all students learn to master their IDE

  • Practical exercises using YOUR code

    • If possible, all participants bring along their code so we can review it and solve your

Course Description Refactoring

The Java developers in your project are producing (functionally correct) code, but extensions are taking longer than planned. Errors and unwanted side effects are piling up? Then a regular code review on the subject of refactoring and clean code is probably missing in development.

In this seminar, you will learn how to systematically uncover weaknesses in your software architecture, specify a uniform quality standard for source code, and give developers both the feel and the tools/techniques for clean code.

Who should take part

Experienced Java, C++ and/or C# programmers who want to improve the quality of their code so that
they can

  • understand their code 2 years after writing it.
  • Change the code without breaking it.
  • React to change-requests in a speedy, agile and professional manner.

Product owners, technical project leads and senior programmers who have noticed that their
response times to feature requests and other tickets have increased.

Skills Required

Knowledge of Java and design patterns.

Company Training Refactoring

This refactoring training exists
as individual online
company training.

Feel free to contact me or
use our Training configurator!

030 / 20 89 82 63 0