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Kotlin course

Introduction to basic and advanced concepts of the language Kotlin

3 Tage

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  • This Kotlin course can be booked as an individual company training course.
  • Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Course content Kotlin

I. Kotlin - Motivation

  • What is Kotlin?
  • history
  • Why Kotlin instead of Java?
  • areas of application
  • philosophy
  • tools

II. Kotlin - Basics

  • Base types, literals, strings, regexps, collections
  • functions and variables
  • control structures
  • exceptions
  • Dependencies, integration of external libraries

III. Kotlin OOP

  • Class declaration and inheritance
  • interfaces
  • extensions
  • enum classes
  • data classes
  • Sealed Classes
  • delegation
  • The "object" keyword
  • Generics in Kotlin

IV: Advanced Topics

  • Lambda expressions with Kotlin
  • Lambdas and Collections
  • inline functions
  • coroutines
  • How Kotlin handles null issues
  • Kotlin Type System: Primitive Types
  • Kotlin Type System: Collections & Arrays
  • Annotation & Reflection
  • Construction of a Domain Specific Language (DSL)

V. Kotlin in everyday life

  • Kotlin project with Gradle
  • Kotlin project with Maven
  • Documenting Kotlin code
  • Testing Kotlin code
  • Java Interoperability: Call Java code from Kotlin
  • Java Interoperability: Call Kotlin code from Java
  • Overview of the standard library
  • Useful Libraries

Overview Kotlin course

  • Introduction to basic and advanced concepts of the language
  • Overview of the Kotlin Ecosystem: Libraries & Frameworks
  • Practical examples and exercises to reinforce what has been learned

Description Kotlin course

This seminar offers a structured introduction to the Kotlin language, by first the basics and possibilities procedural and object-oriented programming will be presented. The functional programming is based on this
and teaches advanced concepts of the language. The theory is always followed by exercises and practical examples that reinforce what has been learned.

Group of participants

The course is aimed at developers and architects who are looking for an introduction to the Kotlin language or who have already had initial experience with it, as well as project managers who are looking for a modern, lean language that can be used both in the backend as well as can be used on the frontend. Knowledge of another programming language is an advantage, but not mandatory.

This Kotlin course exists
as individual online
company training.

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