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Git Workflows course

Optimizing your own Git workflow

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  • This Git course can be booked as an individual company training course.
  • Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Course content Git Workflows

I. Git Workflows

  • Optimizing your own Git workflow

    • git hooks
    • commit in advance
    • What are the options? Style guides, linting, prettier, whitespace, code analysis...

  • Git workflows in the team

    • SVN/CVS workflow: The core "un-workflow" to illustrate the problem
    • github workflow (also called feature branch workflow)
    • What is the best way to use Pull Request/Merge Request?
    • Code review using the web interface
    • Who is doing the merge?
    • What to do if the pull request has premature and sudden conflicts?
    • When and why to use git rebase?
    • Repository management with the web interface - permissions, default branches etc.
    • gitflow workflow
    • Develop your own workflows - that's why it matters? Which model fits best when?
    • tags and releases

  • project organization

    • Monorepo vs. Multirepo - the crucial question
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions?
    • How do I decide which one suits me best?

2.  CI/CD & GitOps

We'll develop a minimalistic web application to illustrate the concepts.

  • continuous integration

    • Introduction to Gitlab CI and the gitlab.yml file
    • Docker Basics: Images and Containers
    • Building a Docker image
    • Local development with Docker
    • Use Gitlab CI to build the Docker image
    • Gitlab runner
    • Leverage Gitlab's Docker Registry
    • Extending the CI pipeline using unit tests as an example
    • Daily/nightly builds
    • Expanding the CI pipelineusing test coverage reports as an example

      • continuous deployment

        • Create release and tagged images
        • Install your own private Gitlab runners
        • Automatic deployment using private runners
        • Manual deployment at the push of a button (e.g. for staging or production)
        • Deployment options
        • Manage environment variables and passwords/keys/secrets

      • Infrastructure As Code

        • What is "IAC"?
        • What does GitOps mean? (Spoilers: there is no clear definition, the term encompasses a multitude of aspects)
        • Which aspects are these, how do I use them?
        • The merge request as the linchpin
        • Outlook: cloud deployment with Kubernetes

      Git Workflows course

      • Git for advanced users - optimize your own and team workflows
      • Managing larger projects with modules in Git: What are the approaches, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
      • GitOps: Use Git as a basis for continuous integration and continuous deployment

      Description Git Workflows course

      This seminar introduces the advanced use of Git, it will Presents solutions that cover both personal use of Git and the Optimizing teamwork. Git has now become the lynchpin for typical DevOps tasks, commonly referred to as GitOps. The underlying issues are introduced using the example of Gitlab CI in combination with Docker. A Spring Boot REST API serves as a hands-on project that integrates Docker and Docker Compose for the local development are integrated. The resulting Docker images are then used as a basis for Gitlab CI, where step by step the possibilities, the Gitlab CI for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment can be integrated.

      Group of participants

      The course is aimed at developers and administrators who want to deepen their knowledge of Git, as well as project managers and architects who want an overview of the possibilities of GitOps. Basic knowledge of Git and Gitlab is required.

      Git Workflows Company Training

      This Git Workflows course exists
      as individual online
      company training.

      Feel free to contact me or
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