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Continuous Delivery - DevOps

Git basics training

Structured introduction based on practical exercises

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  • This Git course can be booked as an individual company training course.
  • Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Course content Git basic training

1. Installation & basic configuration

  • Basic configuration & important settings
  • How to configure global/local/project-wide?
  • gitignore
  • gitattributes for binary files

2. Git clients

  • Integration with IntelliJ
  • Integrates with Visual Studio Code
  • Brief overview of Git frontends (independent of IDE)

3. Basics of working with Git

  • git locally:
  • Create repos locally
  • What is Index?
  • git add
  • git commit
  • git log
  • git diff
  • git remote:
  • What is a branch?
  • remote repositories
  • git remote
  • git clone
  • git fetch
  • git merge
  • git branch
  • git pull
  • git push

4. How Git works

  • Git as a key-value store
  • .git directory structure
  • Git data structures
  • View and analyze data structures
  • How do references work?
  • What are refspecs?

5. Branch, Merge, Rebase & Co.

  • Create, delete and rename branches
  • git checkout
  • What are feature branches?
  • How do I update "stale" feature branches?
  • What are remote tracking branches?
  • Diffs between branches/commits
  • Fast-Forward Merge vs. Three-Way Merge
  • git rebase
  • Fix merge conflicts

6. Remote repositories - working in a team

  • Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket
  • What are pull requests?
  • What is forking?
  • Use Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket for code reviews/issue tracking

7. Git workflows

  • Comparison with the old "CVS/SVN workflow"
  • Github workflow

Overview Git course

  • Structured introduction to Git based on practical exercises
  • Mixture of theory and practice
  • The themes are stored together in a public repository (by default Gitlab, but also Github or Bitbucket upon request).

Description Git course

The seminar offers an introduction to Git and conveys Everything you need to know about working efficiently in a team in Git repositories of all kinds. The themes are stored in a shared repository, the focus is on thereby on the typical work steps, as they are also in of daily work with Git. Included the focus is on the big picture, a look "under the hood" promotes the basic understanding of Git and thus enables solving specific problems independently.

Who should take part

The course is aimed at developers, administrators, project managers and architects, at those switching from another version control system and generally at everyone who is looking for professional version control for text-based files of any kind. Ideal for beginners and those who have already gained some experience but still don't feel at home with git.

Git Company Training

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